Turn your website into a Mac app with Unite

Create an immersive, native experience for your website or service - no coding required.

Native macOS Experience

Unite for Enterprise apps are built upon WebKit 2, enabling support for the latest web technologies and security.  It's also built to run natively on macOS, enabling support for the latest macOS updates and features in a small package. 

Easily Customizable

Unite for Enterprise apps are customizable at order, allowing you to change simply things like the design and color of your app's toolbar, or more complex things like whitelisting behavior, scripts, status-bar mode, and more.


Easily deploy your Unite for Enterprise app how you want. Depending on your order, choose to simply offer a direct download link, submit to the Mac App Store, and more. We can even help you with the distribution and release of your app.

Dozens of features and capabilities

Unite for Enterprise apps are built upon the amazingly powerful Unite 2 browser, enabling these and dozens of other features to be tweaked and toggled at order.

Do anything from hiding the name of your window to creating an app for your service that lives in the status-bar. 

 Full WebKit 2 support

Customizable toolbar

Support for User Styles and Whitelisting

Upload and download functionality 

Support for latest plugins

Satus-bar apps

Tabbed apps and multiple window modes

Support for macOS 10.14 Mojave

Mac App Store compliant

App sizes typically below 10mb

Support for all standard macOS features

Native notification support for select services

DevMate compatible

Easily updatable




Contact us with your published site

Once your site or service is live, fill out our inquiry form and let us know about your site and what you are hoping to accomplish with your Unite app. We usually respond within 72 hours.


We'll contact you and create your app

We'll contact you to understand your exact needs and preferences for your Unite app. Once we have all the necessary info, apps can be completed as soon as 24 hours later (certain features require additional time).


Distribute your app

Once your app is finished, we'll help you distribute it. Whether you simply want to offer it as a free download on your site or market it on the Mac App Store, we can help.



After you've distributed your app, you can easily update its contents by simply pushing an update to your live website. For app-side updates, simply contact us and we'll help with any requests or bugs.

Distribute Services within your Organization

For internal distribution, Unite can also turn virtually any site or service into a completely isolated, customizable, and easily identifiable Mac application. 





To learn more about Macify or to get started making your app, please contact us below.


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